who we are?

We are a church centered on the foundation of scripture and engage in capacity building programs to bring people to the full stature of Christ according to Ephesians 4: 13. We believe that every believer has a purpose and thus we invest empowering people to discover their unique gifts and find a place of function to ad to the vision of our church

Through out your walk with God we will work with you to bring you through the four main stages of development

At this stage we find the best small group for you to affirm the fact that we stand for fellowship. Through this process you are eligible to be in mentorship groups and move into an experience of full participation in worship services wi9th understanding.

Some of the core teachings in this stage are, the development of the new life, restored authority, practical prayer and the power of the word of God.

We will then move deeper into helping you to understand the principles of witnessing to others about your experiencing the  saving life of Jesus Christ. Through this teachings you will be exposed to various types of outreaches.

We also believe that people who have gone through the last stages need to ultimately be empowered to live their purpose in Christ. This stage becomes the apex of our development model and will assist you to be equipped for ministry.

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